#HaveCake #WillEatItToo

Your first “real” job (a job that follows your career path, gives vacation days and health benefits) is a milestone and a godsend in the life of a writer/photographer…This is what I tell myself everyday as I clock in for my current job as a cashier.

Eight days into the new year and I’ve never felt more frustrated or uninspired in my life.All I know is my current approach to life is no longer working. A new plan of action is needed, but I don’t even know where or how to begin again.

I have no apparent direction in my writings these days. My once ultra-organized binders and notebooks have spewed photographs and articles across the bedroom floor. Despite new freelance jobs, I feel more and more that I am just making pretty pictures without a real audience or message.

I’m feeling desperately ambitious these days, and the only release I seem to find is when I’m cooking and baking. I have limited access to editing equipment, so while my DSLR fills up and waits, my camera phone helps record my current creative processes.

Culture Spoon

Freelance Writer and Photographer based in San Antonio, Texas

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