A Multi-media Ode for Mom

Today is the day when everybody’s mom becomes “the best mom ever,” but I wanted to take this time to reflect on the wonderful person that my own mom is. She has been a great parent, but she has also become someone I am proud to know and have in my life. My mom and I have always bonded while watching classic films and TV. I wanted to highlight some of the great women (and mothers) that influenced my mom (and me) over the years.

I am so grateful that she looked to Lynda Carter as a role model growing up.I won’t embarrass her by listing all her accomplishments, but how many women could create successful careers as a nurse, professional pastry chef, a mother of three, and win The Price is Right showcase within one lifetime? From the impeccable hair to the amazing feats of strength, I have become convinced that my mother is secretly Superwoman.

Barbara Stanwyck, one of her favorite actresses, was known for being tough on and off the screen. I know my mom has looked up to her because she always managed to stand her ground and stay true to her ideals. This is one of the reasons I admire my mom’s character, and love watching any film starring Stanwyck.

Emma Peel
Diana Rigg, as Mrs. Emma Peel in The Avengers was a complete badass. Somehow she managed to look beautiful while fighting crime as a secret agent. I imagine this is what life was like for my mom during her flying years.

Snoop Lion and Martha

Say what you will about Martha Stewart-unless you’re against her, because our house is “Team Martha”. I grew up watching her decorate giant gingerbread houses, talk to chefs, and I have read every entertaining book she’s written to date. I admire how resourceful and resilient she is; jail time couldn’t stop this lady from expanding her multi-media empire. Fortunately my mom has avoided crime, but like Martha, she brings grace, elegance and quality work to everything she does.

I am so proud of you as a mother and friend. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Culture Spoon

Freelance Writer and Photographer based in San Antonio, Texas

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