(I’m still pretty sure) She Loves You

Fifty years ago today, a four-piece band arrived in America, and changed the course of music, television, and pop culture history.  Historian  Andre Millard may be correct when he says The Beatles couldn’t make it in today’s music industry,  or that the innocence of the Beatlemania era is gone, never to be replicated again. As an optimist, I remain hopeful for the future musicians and cultures.

Yes, the golden age of television may be gone, but we are learning to better harness the power of connection through new technology and forms of interaction, every day. Yes, Youtube has proven that Justin Bieber’s hair could trick people into listening to music, but new musicians like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have proven it is still possible to make creatively independent music, and succeed in the music industry. The world has continued to develop since The Beatles, and so has the music, music’s content, and the fans who listen.

No disrespect to Professor Millard, but I still see music impacting and changing lives everyday, and I am looking forward to what happens next for music in a digital age. In the meantime, I wanted to share a clip from the Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Somehow, The Beatles’ music was able to survive, adapt and inspire a new generation of musicians and fans, who are as happy to hear the music as they were half a century ago. And with a love like that, you know you should be glad.



Culture Spoon

Freelance Writer and Photographer based in San Antonio, Texas

2 thoughts on “(I’m still pretty sure) She Loves You

  1. As meticulous as they were in the studio, it’s amazing how bad they sounded live. Maybe it was the poor technology and the deafening screams but they also admitted they didn’t like their sound live. Too bad they broke up before the rock concert really took off.

    1. Agreed, today’s technology is a plus for sound quality/ ability to hear the music, (especially over screaming fans.) I wish they had better live performances at the time, but it will be interesting to see how Paul and Ringo performed on Sunday!

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